Alain Huriez


Alain joined Advent in 2012 bringing 22 years of experience in senior management, drug development, and financing of life science Companies.

Alain gained his medical qualifications from Jules Verne University, France following which he became Head of the emergency room in a large teaching hospital in Paris. Alain holds an MBA and a Masters of Pharmaco-Economics from Paris LaSorbonne University. Alain has been a Vice President at Quintiles, CEO of TcLand Expression, Effimune, and of NeoVacs and an Associate Partner at Truffle Capital, as well as founding three other Biotech Companies.

Alain has been responsible for several initiatives in Europe within the areas of personalised medicine, bio-markers and high value diagnostics through his work as Chairman of EPEMED, the European Personalised Medicine Association.

Alain is currently Chairman of the portfolio Company GMPO.

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Assistant: Amber Rosamond
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T: +44 (0)20 7932 2157