CEO: Jon Moore

Advent Contact: Raj Parekh

Revealing True Targets for Next Gen Immunotherapies

Epitopea is a transatlantic cancer immunotherapeutics company based in Montreal, Canada and Cambridge, UK. They are a global leader in exploiting a novel class of untapped tumour-specific antigens (TSAs), CryptigenTM TSAs, designed to treat a broad patient population.

The Epitopea technology platform builds on their proprietary and innovative approach to identifying shared, aberrantly expressed tumour-specific antigens (aeTSA), known as CryptigenTM TSAs, which have been exclusively licensed from the Université de Montréal, along with the rights to exploit large sets of CryptigenTM TSAs in solid and haematological cancers

Epitopea Announces $14 Million Financing to Advance Cancer Immunotherapeutics